About Hayley

Hello and welcome, I am Hayley Felton, a Healer, Artist and Soulpreneur and my work is to empower you to live your soulful life on purpose and reconnect you to your heart's and Soul's desires...

Are you are looking for love but wonder if it’s possible to attract the right person into your life? 

My ALIGN TO LOVE programme could be the perfect solution for you...

Or perhaps you want some clarity and encouragement that your life does have meaning, or reassurance and encouragement to say yes to a new path and direction with confidence and ease, I use a highly accurate system called Soul Plan.

I approach my work from a spiritual and intuitive perspective and love understanding how spiritual principles are congruent with science and quantum physics.


Hayley holds a BSc (hons) in Psychology, is qualified in Advanced Atlantean Healing, Advanced Soul Plan Reading, Spiritual Life Coaching and Soul Transformation Therapy

With over eight years' experience as a Healer.  Hayley blends her psychic, intuitive and healing skills with a highly practical and logical approach so you can transform from within.

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What Hayley's clients say...

"I can highly recommend Hayley's healing. She picked up on where I needed healing most, but what I didn't expect was her to pick up on my feelings, emotions, hopes and dreams. It was absolutely remarkable, she was spot on! Hayley truly has a gift."  Melissa

"I have been single for quite some time, and the Align to Love Programme came along at just the right time. Working with Hayley over the last 4 months has been enlightening especially with the Soul Plan Reading. She provides a wonderful space to explore what might have been holding me back in creating the relationship I desire. I now feel much more connected to myself and am ready to invite a loving relationship into my life. Thank you Hayley, and I look forward to more energy sessions with you!" Natasha

"Working with Hayley has been a blessing. She's the perfect guide and healer when you want to align your life and soul towards your ultimate destiny. Her energy is really incredible and I would recommend you to get one of her packages to really accelerate your healing and success journey. I felt much more aligned to my purpose. I am in deep trust and inner peace, knowing that I am able to move forward in this path with courage, clarity and joy!" Monica

Hayley's soul plan experience has given me an enriching insight into myself and my path, past, present and future. The wording is crystal clear, the concept is extraordinary as it is accurate. So much of what Hayley has identified already resonates with me and I can think of many instances that match what is shining through my soul plan. Work, interests, relationships. There is so much to explore and the soul plan is a wonderful way to look forward to life's journey with heart, joy and excitement. Thank you Hayley, this is a keeper! Love, AW"